26/02/2020, Delhi: Cancer can attack almost everybody parts of the human body and can attack anyone irrespective of age and gender. This disease basically triggers uncontrolled cells’ growth causing malignant cell mass. Cancer even can spread from one part of the body to other body parts.

Cancer affected cells also spread into nearby tissues causing malfunction of the cells that form a tumor-like mass, metastatic growth, and so on. With the development of medical science, different advanced methods of cancer treatment have been invented.

Different types of cancer surgeries are conducted in India; some of the commonly practiced surgical procedures are

  • Preventive or prophylactic surgery: this is the procedure to remove body tissue that is likely to be cancer effected.
  • Diagnostic surgery: this is a type of screening test; used to collect sample tissue for a confirmation test.
  • Staging Surgery: A type of clinical test to identify the stage of cancer.
  • Curative Surgery: Surgery to remove cancerous tissues, tumors, or effected organs.
  • Debulking or cytoreductive surgery: surgery to remove some part of the cancerous tumor.
  • Palliative Surgery: This type of surgery is used to correct a problem that is causing discomfort or disability due to cancer.
  • Supportive Surgery: This type of surgery is conducted to help with other types of treatment.
  • Restorative or reconstructive surgery: This type of surgery is used to restore the function of an organ or body part after surgery

A number of Best oncologists and cancer surgeons of India provide world-class cancer treatment to patients around the world. Most of the Indian oncologists and surgeons have International training to offer the most advanced treatment to their domestic and international patients. The surgeons have expertise in advanced treatment procedures like robotic surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell transplant, radiation therapy, and precision medicine therapy.

Along with top oncologists and surgeons, India also has a number of top hospitals furnished with up-to-date treatment facilities and infrastructure to offer the best cancer treatment in India. Most of the Indian hospitals offer comparatively Low-cost Cancer Surgery in India for patients throughout the globe. Here the cancer patients can get cutting-edge surgical treatment facilities at a very reasonable cost which a fraction of the cost required in other developed countries.

About Forerunners Healthcare: This medical tourism organization offers quality cancer treatment facilities to overseas patients with its network of well-equipped hospitals across India and top oncologists and surgeons. They offer the best cancer treatment at an affordable price.

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