Affordable Artificial Disc replacement surgeries permanent solution to spinal pain

02/01/2020, Bangalore: Artificial Disc replacement surgery is one of the advanced surgical treatment procedure used to treat degenerative disc diseases. In this surgical treatment, the disc of the spine is removed and replaced with an artificial disc or with bone graft. Over time, the bone creates a solid bony bridge across the two vertebrae and cures the previously painful segment.

An artificial replacement disc can be made of metal or biopolymer materials. The most commonly used complete disc replacement designs are made of two plates, which one attaches to the vertebrae at above the disc being replaced and another one to connect with the vertebrae below.

Artificial disc designs are generally categorized into two types:

Disc for total disc replacement: Here, the surgeons remove the damaged or diseased disc tissue, and implant an artificial disc into space between the vertebrae.

Disc nucleus replacement: Here, only the center of the disc is removed and replaced with an artificial implant. The outer part of the disc remains intact.

The best candidates for Disc replacement surgery are those who have failed prolonged medication and physical therapies and who are diagnosed with moderate or severe degenerate disc disease. Some other factors can be restraining for a person to be selected as a suitable candidate for disc replacement surgery, such as above 60 years of age, having degeneration on multiple levels of the spine or osteoporosis, overweight, back record of any spine surgeries like spinal fusion and back record of having scoliosis or any other type of spinal deformity, or spinal arthritis.

There are some beneficial effects of artificial disc replacement surgeries that make this treatment popular among patients, such as this surgery is much comfortable than traditional fusion surgery. For a disc replacement surgery, though the pain symptoms may go away, this surgery limits the flexibility of the spine.

After a successful disc replacement surgery, the patients are known to have flexibility between 0 and 21 degrees while bending forward and backward without any stiffness.

Generally, the patients recover quickly after an artificial disc replacement surgery in India. One can get out of bed and walk within a few days.

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