The new website offers custom solutions and rich information in finance world

Affiliated Insurance Solutions is excited to announce the new community magazine for insurance industry professionals. Affiliated Insurance Solutions offers the most comprehensive, timely, and interactive online community for the exchange of information about insurance issues. Driven by some of the industry’s most influential thought leaders involved in policy administration, claims, channel strategies, security, data management and compliance trends, Affiliated Insurance Solutions provides a one-stop destination for the latest news, commentary, analysis and discussion about the most important issues facing the industry of insurance.

“We are proud to be recognized for the commitment we have made to strengthen our insurance knowledge to all finance communities. It allows us to provide a great informative content to our loyal readers’ desire to engage in our community and improve their financials.” said Ali Salim, Chief Executive Officer, Affiliated Insurance Solutions.

In a highly competitive and rapidly changing financial services marketplace, Affiliated Insurance Solutions is designed as a tool to inform these executives about the potential of the latest technologies, the evolving omnichannel distribution environment, compliance and regulatory mandates, data management and analytics tools, and to provide a forum for insurance professionals to discuss the most pressing issues facing their organizations.

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