The free fax service permits you to fax documents for your customers without you spending even a single cent for fax services or for a fax machine. That's because you make use of the Internet to fax your documents. This is exactly what we refer to as online fax. All you need is a computer equipped with software like MS Office and at one click of a button on the MS Word or MS Excel window, your document/s is already on its way. Now this indeed is certainly a convenient method of faxing documents to your customers.
What are other reasons why you need to fax your documents through the Internet than with the use of the fax machine?

Your Customer Will get Hold of the Document Anytime, Anywhere

The free fax service ensures that your customer could get hold of the document wherever he or she is. One of the problems involved in sending documents via the fax machine is that your customer should be present at the other end of the line to receive the fax. Now what if nobody is present to receive the fax or worse, what if the fax machine of the receiving party is broken? You might have to wait for another day when your customer is present to receive the fax or until his or her fax machine gets fixed. This presents a real problem particularly when you're in a hurry to obtain the document to your customer.

However when you fax documents to your customers, you are sure that he or she can get hold of the document by using any computer which has a good Internet connection.

Your Documents Get to Your Customers Fast and on Time

The free fax helps to ensure that your documents get to your customers really fast. That's because your documents travel through the Internet as opposed to the fax machine, that transmits your documents over telephone lines. The explanation for this is that the computer converts the contents of your documents into magnetic signals before sending it on the internet. Magnetic signals travel faster than electrical signals in which your documents are first transformed into by the fax machine before sending it over the telephone line and this is a rather slow process.

Not only does online fax get to your customers really fast; your customers receive the documents on time.

Sending Documents over the internet is Economical

The free fax saves your business lots of money when you fax your documents over the Internet. That's because you don't have to pay for faxing services just in case you don't have a fax machine. Because you are able to send online fax, you also save yourself the difficulty of getting to buy a fax machine, paper, and ink for the machine. Given that you are able to fax documents over the Internet, you also do not worry about spending money to have the fax machine repaired just in case it stops working.

All that you need is a computer with the necessary software and a good Internet connection. No need for paper and ink unless you plan to have the document printed with the use of a good printer.

Therefore, the next time you're thinking of buying a fax machine, check out first the great benefits of free fax.

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