United Kingdom, 21 August, 2014: Motor vehicles are among the revolutionary inventions of humans. The automobile industry has advanced significantly through the years and varieties of vehicles are manufactured by numerous companies throughout the world. Utility of motor cars has expanded immensely, making tune-up service a necessity. Advanced Tuning is a dedicated company that provides automobile optimisation at various locations in the United Kingdom. From Inverness in the North to West Sussex in the South, Advanced Tuning has tens of service centres that provide wide range of performance enhancement services. It offers major tune-up services such as DPF removal, diesel remapping, ECU Remapping, etc.

The best part about professional companies is that they are ranked consistently among the top 3 engine remaps in the UK. They are a reliable service provider with more than a couple of decades of experience in the field of vehicle enhancement in the UK. The vehicles launched by automobile manufacturers are standardised to optimality for all types of drivers. The performance of any passenger car is never up to its potential since their technical attributes are capped and locked up to certain extent that is appropriate to be used by all. However, those who are expert and experienced in driving deserve the maximum potential of their private properties called cars.

The professional companies provide ECU remapping and other services that can liberate the restricted potential of automobile components and enable the owners exploit the best out of their cars. The company understands the norms of the nation and the responsibility of the people’s safety. That is why the technical features of all the cars are tuned up to the tolerance level of their respective engine, suspension and brake. Yet, the remapping franchise prioritises the preference of owners as much as possible. The tuned cars start better, have safer throttle response, are safer while overtaking and become more fuel-efficient.

DPF removal is crucial towards enhancement of efficiency of motor vehicles. Unlike many other automobile-optimisation providers, Advanced Tuning provides complete DPF delete and diesel remapping so that the same issue does not recur in the same car in future. The company has the same standard for diagnosis of DPF fault as that of main dealers. Moreover, Advanced Tuning provides its own latest DPF software while most of the competitors still install the outdated version of the software. It provides tuning services for brands of all major manufacturers such as BMW, Ferrari, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and many more. The fee charged by Advanced Tuning is unbeaten by any of its competitors.

About Advanced Tuning:

Website: http://advanced-tuning.co.uk

Advanced Tuning is a dedicated company for the performance-enhancement of motor vehicles. It is present in multiple locations throughout the country and continues to expand. It has the experience of more than 2 decades in ECU remapping, DPF removal and diesel remapping. It is the only company that provides latest DPF software.