Increasing the frontiers of surgical procedure by way of da vinci robot, laparoscopy, and a small incision surgical diagnostic system is a minimally invasive surgical treatment appeared as diagnostic laparoscopy or keyhole surgical treatment. As a form of surgical treatment comprising the use of a thin, lighted tube and camera for visuals inserted into the belly to perceive and have examine the belly or female pelvic organs, it is one that calls for precision and perfection.

Urology and laparoscopy hospitals in Kerala are the most modern hospitals for minimal access surgery in Asia devoted to excellence in superior medical care, surgical methods, research and professionalism in patient care offers one of the most cutting-edge and technologically progressed facility for minimally invasive surgical treatment available globally with its superior laparoscopic surgical procedure and da vinci robot surgical operation through four arm high definition- da vinci surgical robot. Robotic surgical treatment has excellently converted laparoscopic surgical treatments as the robotic system gives the perfuming uro surgeon unprecedented control with precision from the surgical instruments used during the minimally invasive technique. The da vinci product is a cutting-edge surgical platform with 3-D, high-definition imaginative and prescient and miniaturized, wristed surgical contraptions designed to help urology surgeons take surgery beyond the boundaries of the human hand as with conventional surgical procedure.

The advanced robotic technologically-infused process, da vinci allows surgeons to carry out convoluted conditions conveniently and minimum risk and also imparting patients with benefits of minimal postoperative pain, fast healing resulting to shorter clinic stay, higher cosmetic results and physiologic function. Urology and laparoscopy hospitals in Kerala boasts of wonderful and rather professional surgeons, practitioners and staff who're committed to providing the best minimal access surgical care alongside conventional surgical operation in line with best practices. The hospital’s significant and ongoing experience in performing minimally invasive surgery is excelled through surgeons who provide assessment and treatment for an extensive variety of standard surgical conditions at a very affordable cost. To name few among the urology and laparoscopy hospitals in Kerala are:

  • Asten Specialty Orthopaedic Hospital
  • Malabar Institute of Medical Science
  • Upasana Hospital
  • Shiba Hospital
  • James Hospital
  • Bharath Hospital
  • Jubilee Memorial Hospital
  • Al Shifa Hospital Private Limited
  • Thangam Hospital
  • Ernakulam Medical Centre

Urology and laparoscopy hospitals in Kerala recently organized 2 day free health check-up camp and about 200 people benefited from this camp. 40% of the attendees tested positive during their check-up. These patients will be given treatment at a very low cost. Giving the blessings at affordable urology treatment in Kerala, Best Urology Specialists Kerala said, "We are equally committed to the cause of all sections of the society. By bringing and adopting new technologies in our country we have contributed to the advancement of the country at the same time organizing such low cost urology treatment check up camps help us to serve the weaker section of the society. Today, I am very delighted at this effort and I hope that urology and laparoscopy hospitals in Kerala will carry on this activity at all its centers.

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