Dana Point, California — When it comes to Automotive Service Mail, only Advanced Integrated Marketing is so sure of its product that it guarantees that dealerships will see a seven-fold ROI increase within the first year of marketing.  If auto dealers do not see a return on investment of at least seven times their marketing budget with Advanced Integrated Marketing, the best direct mail company available to dealers, AIM will refund the difference in ROI and budget.

Now, Advanced Integrated Marketing is increasing its reach as a direct mail company by launching a new, interactive website.  This website offers complete information on the company’s direct mail service and other marketing strategies so that any automotive dealer who wants to consider direct mail services can find information on AIM’s programs easily.

Automobile dealers who are interested in direct mail marketing strategies and campaigns can easily browse the website for colorful examples of successful direct mail samples.  AIM offers its own graphic design department with samples posted to the web site so that dealers can see the high quality of the company’s artwork and computer-generated graphics.  With astonishingly clear and crisp visuals, dealers are better able to see how direct mail marketing can work for their own dealerships.

Other features of the new Advanced Integrated Marketing website include information on AIM’s history as an automotive direct mail company, how to contact the company directly about direct mailing and other facts about direct mail marketing for auto dealerships.

Advanced Integrated Marketing is pleased to offer its new website services to automotive dealerships across the country.  With the help of Advanced Integrated Marketing’s unique programs, auto dealers can enjoy guaranteed return on investment through the use of strategic marketing campaigns that have a proven success record in all markets.

About Advanced Integrated Marketing:

Advanced Integrated Marketing, the creator of Automotive Service Mail, has a mission of growing long-term relationships with clients.  AIM earns its reputation by optimizing auto dealerships’ intake with targeted marketing opportunities.  With its proven money-back guarantee, Advanced Integrated Marketing offers automobile dealers the very best direct mail and other marketing strategies that have been shown to work in all types of automotive markets.

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