Virginia Beach, Virginia — For those searching for discount hearing aids, it is tempting to order invisible hearing aids off the Internet. However, Internet hearing aid companies often do not have the best hearing aid models. In fact, a cursory hearing aids comparison reveals that buying hearing aids online often costs much more than visiting a professional hearing aid center due to the fact that so-called “low cost hearing aids” have little to no warranty coverage or other form of buyer protection. Furthermore, without an accurate hearing aid comparison of models and types, it is almost impossible for anyone to get the right hearing aid for his or her needs.

Advanced Hearing Systems is introducing several benefits for hearing aid purchasers that will make their hearing aid investment far more valuable. Advanced Hearing Systems offers all types of hearing aids including digital hearing aid models, in-the-ear hearing aids and open fit hearing aids. Having a professional perform hearing aid comparisons is very important when choosing the right hearing aid for particular needs, and Advanced Hearing Systems can help patients compare hearing aids for all types of hearing loss by first identifying the problem then making recommendations as to which type of hearing aid will work best.

The professionals at Advanced Hearing Systems are also offering several free benefits with each hearing aid purchase that generally will not be found with online or over-the-counter hearing aids. These benefits include:

- A four-year manufacturer warranty. All hearing aids sold by Advanced Hearing Systems have at least a four-year manufacturer warranty in addition to any other warranties offered for sale on the units.

- First year loss and damage insurance. Advanced Hearing Systems covers all hearing aid units against loss, breakage or damage for a full year.

- Quarterly cleanings and adjustments. Patients can bring hearing aids in every three months for free cleanings and adjustments.

- Yearly audiometric and hearing aid evaluations. Every hearing aid purchase includes yearly hearing tests and evaluations of the hearing aid to ensure it works properly and continues to provide appropriate treatment for the type of hearing loss present.

- Free batteries provided for the life of the warranty. Every hearing aid includes free batteries for the full extent of the warranty coverage period.

- Financing available including interest-free. Several financing packages are available, including interest-free financing for qualified buyers.

With the many benefits of buying from Advanced Hearing Systems, patients should have no trouble deciding to visit these professionals before making a hearing aid purchase.

About Advanced Hearing Systems:

Advanced Hearing Systems is a hearing aid provider that offers not only quality hearing aids of all types but professional examinations and comparisons of hearing aid models to find the right hearing aid for every patient. In addition, Advanced Hearing Systems offers many benefits not available to those who purchase hearing aids online.

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