Even though there is health risk exaggerated, rabies is the number one public health hazard associated with skunks. Many skunks are forced to nest under people’s homes, sheds, decks because their natural habitat is overrun by housing, commercial and industrial properties, according to Joe Cannon, wildlife operator and business partner of California’s top animal and wildlife control service, Advanced Animal Wildlife Control. “Rabies, which is an illness that affects the central nervous system, is transmitted to people from infected mammals like skunks,” said Cannon, who specialises in removing such dangerous skunks and other dangerous or pesky mammals and animals from people’s homes.

If you notice scratching under your home, digging in your lawn, torn vents, burrowing under your foundation or that horrible odor of skunk, then it is most likely you have a nesting skunk on your property threatening dogs, cats or even you. Skunk removal in San Jose is tamed by Advanced Animal Wildlife Control so don’t hesitate to give them a call. Their answering service is available 24/7.

“Besides odorous skunks, we are often called on to remove from people’s homes and properties raccoons, rats, bats, birds, feral cats, snakes, foxes, bees, opossums, squirrels and others,” said Cannon, who services industrial, commercial and residential customers. His company pride itself as being the leading wildlife removal company that offers exceptional services.

There is not a problem that is too insignificant to this company. “We handle every situation in the most humane way possible,” noted Cannon who specialises in bat, raccoon, skunk, rat removal and squirrel, bird, snake, fox, bee, and other pest control. This also includes animal capture, removal, exclusion, damage repairs, and waste clean up, decontamination, deodorization and sanitation. “Our humane approach to controlling and dealing with animal wildlife makes us your best choice,” claimed Cannon, whose main purpose is to help its clients identify and close off points of entry to prevent animal wildlife from getting in and causing damage.

If you have a wildlife issue on your property or would like to know more about the services offered by Advanced Animal Removal, Cannon now invites you to give either give him a call or email him at 408-256-1117 / [email protected] . San Jose Skunk Removal Services

You can also visit the site at www.sanjoseskunkremoval.com for further details.

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