Property owners invest a lot of time and money on maintaining their residences or properties. If you are a homeowner you know that your house is almost an extension of yourself. That's why you would want the surrounding area around your property to look as best as possible. Why? because the aesthetics give the best impression and will ultimately raise the value of your property. Even if you don't plan on selling anytime soon, having a nice looking home will leave a good impression with visitors and guests. But if you are planning to sell or get your home appraised, properly trimmed and maintained trees can help to increase the value of your property. Here are some factors that can play into proper tree maintenance.

Increase Tree Health with Tree Service

Trees are an important addition to any home or property. They help provide shade and fresh air which help for relaxation also help to keep the area cool. But trees also have to put up with the elements and invasive pests and have their own diseases to deal with. Regular tree service like trimming and pruning help keep our big green trees healthy and strong, in order to help them better withstand these threats. This in turn leaves your property with a boost in value because having healthy trees is better than having a hazardous tree that may potentially have to come down, which can turn out to be a big expense to your potential buyers.

Avoiding Safety Concerns with Tree Service

Dead branches are a major concern and can be dangerous to bring people near your property. We suggest having an arborist inspect any limbs that you suspect of being dead. This way they can trim and remove the hazardous branches and you won't have to worry about them randomly falling on something or someone one day.

Increasing Aesthetic Appeal with Tree Service

Nothing adds more to the scenery of your property than a luscious big green and healthy tree, this would instantly engage with any potential buyers or investors instead of having an empty and deserted lot. It's best to start the maintenance of your trees early on, because when young trees are pruned regularly they grow fuller and more lush which will complement the landscape of your property better. Well maintained trees really makes your whole yard come together leaving it looking neat. Regular tree service, whether done by you, a property management person, or a professional tree company is a small investment that will in turn give a big boost to your property value.

To learn more about proper tree maintenance or for any tips reach out to R&H Tree Service, they are a Tree Service Portland Oregon company that specialize in all facets of tree care. From Tree removal to tree pruning their ISA Certified members have over 15 years of experience in this industry and have the answer to your tree related needs.