23, December 2015: College student associations carefully prepare interesting and meaningful activities as Christmas is drawing near. Holding evening parties, going for an outing or organizing contest with prizes must leave each participant happy impression and good memories in the previous activities. But this year’s campus Christmas activities, adding X8 self-balancing scooter will enrich the activities.


In the large campus, college students can ride the electric drift hoverboard X8 to participate parties in place of walking. X8, with the dimension of 497×mm×450mm×168mm and the available colors of black, white and carbon fiber, looks great. Its appearance at the party will give a surprise.

If several friends decide to go for an outing, carrying X8 electric unicycle is of great importance. It plays a key role in the trip. 16-inch wheel hub is installed in the tire minimizes rolling angle and optimizes grip effect. This kind of design can better protect riders and also delivers a dynamic look. High-quality Cheng Shin tires with wide connect area make X8 fit various road conditions. The purpose of trip is not to exhaust oneself but get oneself relaxed. So when you are tired during the trip, let X8 help you finish the journey.


This intelligent self-balancing scooter has equipped with intelligent system, except maintaining the dynamic balancing of riding, can send alert signal if there exists security problems. When the body of X8 leans to an angle that exceeds the safety value, it will stop the electric machine automatically and protect the high-speed spinning electric machine from any damages. Besides, when the speed of riding exceeds a certain value, it will also sound a warning so as to maximally ensure the safety of riders. Due to the above features of X8, using it as a prize in the contest will be a good idea which can attract much more attentions.

The campus life around Christmas incorporated with X8 must be wonderful and colorful.

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