Joshua Ferdinand announces as he gives away $1Million Dogecoin in a bid to promote generosity.

Acting, writing and producing have been his passion. He worked as a bookmaker so that he could save cash to attend drama school. He is Joshua Ferdinand. Joshua Ferdinand takes the bid to give away $1M Dogecoin which was the same coin that sponsored Josh Wise’s 2014 nascar. Being of similar value to the recognized Bitcoin digital currency, dogecoin is basically a meme based crypto currency. With the belief in generosity, Joshua is simply giving it away for free and hopes to see more people giving to one another rather than having the intention of possession of cash. Unraveling the path for one to feel warmness in heart, Joshua has already become the talk of the town. Having a cult following, Joshua offers engrossment to those who like the Shiba Inu based meme currency.

By offering $1M Dogecoin, Joshua Ferdinand has become the buzz of the town as his free giving away excite the Dogecoin community as well as the fans and followers of Joshua Ferdinand. Setting examples of kindness, Joshua believes in sharing instead of holding the cash grab to which many have become accustomed.

Joshua is also known for being the associate producer of Kill Those God Damn Bastards, Adopted, The Empire, and The Sky Has Fallen.

About Joshua Ferdinand:
Joshua Ferdinand is a reputed British actor, producer and writer and has acted in 9 films so far.

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