Pallet racks, like the models seen at , offer facilities a versatile and sturdy storage solution. They can be organized, alone or in combination with other types of shelving, in a variety of configurations for optimal efficiency. Pallet racks can also be used for stacking inventory by hand or with the use of power lifters. With all of the options pallet racks provide, though, safety is of utmost importance. Action Wholesale Products, the preeminent source for industrial storage in Southern California, discusses pallet rack safety tips every business should know.

When moving inventory to storage shelves, like those pictured at , Action Wholesale Products cautions clients to ensure that only authorized employees that have completed training are allowed to operate warehouse equipment, including forklifts, hand jacks, and hand trucks. The storage experts also recommend making sure products are securely wrapped before transport, as loose items may fall and cause injury. When considering industrial shelving, like the products featured at , plan inventory storage strategically to minimize strain on workers; heavier items are best at lower levels. Finally, Action Wholesale Products feels it is crucial that the warehouse has been thoroughly marked with tape or paint to indicate walkways, doorways, emergency exits, and potential hazards.

Through careful attention to safety standards, facilities can take advantage of the efficient design pallet racks provide while ensuring their employees and inventory are well protected.

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