15, July 2016: Extreme sports enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear the news that a new type of smart helmet integrated with cameras has been invented by Airwheel Technology. The product, C5 will serve them perfectly in different cases.

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Once, the synonym of camera for extreme sports is the versatile and portable GoPro. Now, as many more companies enter the market of action cameras, Airwheel Technology, a pioneer in intelligent scooters now, seizes the opportunity and has produced a wearable smart helmet C5 which can be used in extreme-action videography.


Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 is a complementary product to its existing business, clean-energy and intelligent vehicles. C5 is not meant to rival the professional action cameras. But, as a new arrival, there are many improvements and features which are worth the attention of electronic fans.


Firstly, the camera lens of C5 is embedded in the helmet. Compared to GoPro, which is mounted onto a helmet by accessories, C5 embodies high industrial designing level and appears more sportive. Therefore, the camera of C5 will not shake like other separated camera and helmet during the X-sports. As for bike riders, when they fall from the bikes, the Helmet will protect the head without hurt the contact lens. The Bluetooth helmet has a sensor that can capture 2k digital video. The viewing angle reaches horizontal 130° and vertical 67.4°. The camera is much closer to the eye which makes it resemble a third eye on the user’s face, and thus what users see can be vividly recorded. A 128G internal storage will guarantee longer time of recording.

In what cases can Airwheel smart helmet C5 being applied? Mountain bike cycling should be on top of the list. The helmet serves both as a protection, and a recorder. There is no longer any need to take the selfie stick and smart phones to capture the beautiful scenery. C5 can also come in handy in other extreme sports like rock climbing and ski diving. It helps to capture the thrilling and splendid moments in life.


As a traditional helmet, the helmet for extreme sports can withstand tough collisions, due to the superior materials made of. There are much more applications waiting for users to explore and even create.

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