American College of Technology, the smart way to college, The Master of Business Administration degree  is one of the most sought after degrees in the world by professionals. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, “MBA holders could earn an estimated additional $400,000 through their career.”

Since 2001, the American College of Technology; the first solely online college in Missouri, pioneered the online instructor-led (live-Interactive) higher education programs. For the first time, ACOT is launching its MBA program with career focused concentrations in St. Joseph, Missouri on April 8th of 2013.

Corporate employees and professionals are encouraged to apply and take advantage of one of the most affordable live-interactive online MBA program in the state. ACOT is offering a tuition match up to 25% of corporate tuition re-reimbursement, making the program cost little or no money to the employees.

“Economic indicators show corporate employees with a strong knowledge and skill base are the ones who can succeed and help their corporations excel,” says Sam Atieh, ACOT President and CEO.

ACOT’s MBA program will give your employees the skills, tools and techniques needed to lead and manage with innovation and creativity. The classes are 100% online allowing employees to keep a regular schedule while achieving a higher level of education that will enhance their performance in the workplace.

Our program is available anytime (24/7), anywhere, and on all smart devices!

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American College of Technology
St. Joseph, Missouri