Dr. Lemus-Rangel is a top-rated Bakersfield surgeon dedicated to the overall health and well-being of his patients. Staffed by a highly experienced and skilled staff, his medical practice is committed to providing a professional and compassionate experience to each patient. Patients of this Bakersfield surgeon are presented a variety of surgery options and integrated in every step of the surgery process.

Using breakthrough robotic surgery technology, distinguished Bakersfield surgeon Dr. Lemus-Rangel is able to optimize minimally invasive surgery. Consequently, patients of this Bakersfield surgeon who undergo robotic surgery receive numerous benefits such as smaller cuts, less post-operation pain, and a faster recovery period. Because different factors are involved in determining whether a patient is eligible for robotic surgery, Bakersfield surgeon Dr. Lemus-Rangel emphasizes the importance of discussing all relevant factors with his patients

Beyond robotics surgery and general surgery, Bakersfield surgeon Dr. Lemus-Rangel also specializes in dermatology. Because he is aware of the importance of skin health, Dr. Lemus-Rangel works with his patients to proactively prevent and treat skin diseases. In addition to medical dermatology treatments such as melanoma skin checks and skin cyst removal, skilled Bakersfield surgeon Dr. Lemus-Rangel also offers cosmetic dermatology treatment such as sun spot treatment and alopecia treatment.

About Dr. Lemus-Rangel, MD

A noted Bakersfield surgeon specializing in robotics surgery, general surgery, and dermatology, Dr. Rafael Lemus-Rangel and his highly qualified medical staff are committed to providing optimal medical care to their patients throughout Southern California. To schedule a consultation with this board-certified Bakersfield surgeon, please contact his medical practice by phone at 661.481.1793 or visit his website at

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