Boca Raton, FL, 02, April 2015: The Sena Group encourages residents from Boca Raton and outlying areas to better prepare for the hurricane season by protecting what matters most to them. With an array of insurance polices to choose from like home and auto insurance, feeling safe over the course of an upcoming windy season is tangible stress relief.

Florida and Hurricanes

Frequented by hurricanes, Florida has quite a long history with the natural phenomenon. Some of the worst hurricanes that ever entered the country had to pass through Florida first. The state has suffered major blows that have pushed for evacuation route plans to be installed in every major county. And if this fact alone can be considered an indication, no other state in the USA has experienced more storms than Florida with a total of 488 cyclones since its declared statehood as of this writing.

Hurricane Andrew is markedly remembered as the strongest on the list of unwanted visitors. It was under category 5 [no other hurricanes shared the same distinction except the Labor Day hurricane in 1935] with a landfall intensity of 145. Spring has just begun and this also means hurricane season is coming.

Hurricanes are blamed for over $26.5 billion in property damages and the displacement of about 1.25 million people.

Insurance Protection

To better their customers knowledge using hard-wired facts, this Boca Raton Homeowners insurance company’s website has installed their own ‘Cost of Flooding’ online tool which their users can try. It basically lets guests pick between two home size samples being 1,000 and 2,000 ft. Once this criteria has been selected, the tool will prompt them to input the level of flooding. From there, total losses are automatically calculated which may involve a myriad of other factors such as costs of cleaning, and restoration or repair of kitchen furniture, washers, tables and chairs, appliances, carpets and electrical plumbing among others.

All these tools and examples are for illustrative purposes only and should not be used to estimate any actual flood damages as advised by the National Flood Insurance Program. Contact our office if you would like advice should this be the case.

Hurricanes have often brought raging flash floods in their wake so this tool can be a good help in preparing both physically and mentally. Many of the losses enumerated could have been difficult to bounce back from and unaffordable if the goal at that moment was to recuperate and rebuild to continue normal living. That is where insurance from the Sena Group comes into the picture.

As a respected broker for South Floridians the past 20 years, The Sena Group has offered free tips to residents on ways to reduce deductibles, how to make safer homes, get discounts from a new place of living and how to pay for lower premiums when finding construction materials.

About The Sena Group

Serving South Florida for over 20 years, The Sena Group has distinguished itself as leading insurance brokers in the area with various customer commendations and industry awards. It has been recipient of the Business Hall of Fame award for the category Insurance Services within Boca Raton for 2014 and has a pledge of performance from NAIFA, Professional Insurance Agent, FAIA, and Trusted Choice.

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