Mind rivetting sessions with lectures by Prof Lukas, Switzerland & Prof Christopher, talks by Prof Vasudha Kamat & Prof Daniela Piffer form the highlights
1. Participation of more than 400 participants and guests from across the globe including UK, South Africa, Switzerland, Russia etc.
2. Prof. Field Christopher, Dean- School of Education at University of Wolver Hampton emphasized creative thinking as an integral input to quality higher education.
3. Prof. Daniela Piffer (South Africa) discussed reforms in society through education.
4. Prof. Vijay Gupta, Vice-Chancellor, LPU stressed on mentoring approach to generate the new pool of distinctive Gurus.
5. Dr. Asha KVD Kamath, Regional Institute of Education, Mysore was honoured with the Best Paper Award.
6. The participant educationists took resolutions for a better education scenario in the country.
7. Faculty theatre club, Naatya‘s, initiative, Tagore‘s one-act play, Chandalika, was also staged at the cultural evening.

Jalandhar, July 05, 2009: “Educon 2009” - The three -day International Conference on emerging trends in higher education at Lovely Professional University saw its conclusion here on Wednesday. Amongst those present, were LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal, Prof BK Passi, Patron, AIAER; Prof Field Christopher, Dean- School of Education at University of Wolverhampton, UK; Prof Vijay Gupta, Vice-Chancellor LPU, Prof Daniela Piffer, South Africa among 300 academicians from all over the nation and globe.

Interactive sessions was the main motive behind bringing the best brains of the country together to debate on the topic of the world conference, ´Higher Education: Need for Priam Variate Reforms.‘ The conference witnessed above 150 papers being presented and participation from countries like UK, USA, Switzerland, Eritrea (South Africa) and Russia. Nationwide participation saw delegates coming from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, Gujarat, Orissa, Delhi, MP and North region.
The best paper award was given to Dr. Asha KVD Kamath from Regional Institute of Education, Mysore who presented the paper on, ´Strengthening Internship in teaching in capacity building of student- teachers at secondary level.‘ This was followed by Lokesh Jasrai, Lecturer, Lovely School of Business, LPU and Velayudham Nair, lecturer in ELT, BNV College of Teacher Education in Trivandrum.
The concluding day witnessed plenary sessions by Prof. Field Christopher, Dean- School of Education at University of Wolverhampton. He asked the delegates to pay attention towards the challenges ahead of this conference and emphasized on looking forward rather than dwelling in the past. He added, “Teachers should treat themselves as key members of the community and education must be aimed at instilling confidence among students for they can contribute in nation building.” Prof DR Vij, a NCTE lifetime achievement awardee stressed on removing barriers between the teacher and taught in his speech. He advocated towards bridging the gap between the advantaged and disadvantaged, between haves and have-nots.
The conference‘s conclusion was marked with a vision announcing the resolutions in three pointers:
- Education should be directed at three reforms; quantitative expansion, qualitative improvement and equity (opportunity for everyone)
- Balance between summative and formative evaluation system
- Shift to humanistic education with practical outcome
Ashok Mittal, Chancellor -LPU in his message, said time compels change which holds true for the prevailing system and structure of higher education in India. He added, “Seeing the successful conclusion of world conference with participation from varied parts of country and globe is a constructive step towards raising the level of academic interaction. We hope this conference will bear fruitful results in vision of academicians.”