Elizabethtown, PA; August 30, 2013: When the roof works and looks the way that it is supposed to, then no one really notices the roof. On the other hand, if someone gets hit in the head with rainwater while they are inside, panic ensues because the roof might be caving in. For the residents of Harrisburg, streaking is one of those problems that roofers in Harrisburg PA are the most qualified to handle, and Abel and Son (www.abelandson.com) are the most prepared to handle the situation. 

In the roofing and construction businesses, longevity and a proven track record are two of the most important things to look at. For over two decades, Abel and Son has been one of the leading roofers in Harrisburg PA , offering customers a variety of shingles and options for their new roofs. Abel and Son prides itself on using the best materials on the market, and they have a wide range of shingles for every budget and every taste, including new algae resistant roofing. 

Black streaks on the roof are caused by a strain of algae called gloeocapsa magma, which is common in Pennsylvania. The algae itself does not cause damage to the roof, but it is an eyesore and can detract from the value of the home. With the new algae resistant roofing, homeowners no longer have to worry about falling home prices because of their choice in roofing shingles. Abel and Son is one of only a handful of roofers in Harrisburg PA who use the algae resistant roofing. 

Over the years, Abel and Son has been on of the best roofers in Harrisburg PA, providing quality work at affordable prices. With their new algae resistant roofing, Abel and Son has more to offer customers than ever before, making Abel and Son a choice for many homeowners in Harrisburg and surrounding areas. 

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