15, June 2016: A new card game has arrived, "Dealers" where the characters are animated marijuana creatures holding smoking equipment and stacks of cash while dealing weed to one another. "We are tired of being politically correct" say TomerRahavy and Lee Manor, (the creators of Dealers),"any day that an animated innocent creature drops some bong hits in the middle of the afternoon is a good day."


Tomer and Lee are both cannabis lovers. They chose to show their love to this magnificent plant by creating an addictive card game with lots of cute little marijuana creatures. If you are interested to meet those creatures and support this project go to Kick-starter, search the word "Dealers" or simply click the link.




The player in the game steps into the shoes of a marijuana dealer and competes against all other dealers in the game. The last dealer left with money is the best dealer and wins the game. Throughout the game you will have to be careful and well calculated when choosing your friends and your enemies.


"Our Dream is to create an animated TV show with all the Characters from the game "Tomer says, "we prefer to support the legalization of Marijuana in a fun and creative way, may the best dealer win!"

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