12/3/2020, Mumbai: In developing locations the demands of laparoscopic surgery on the whole operating team are certainly heavy. Financial stringency imposes a burden which requires reserves of equanimity, determination and dedication to one’s belief in the benefits of laparoscopic surgery. Every avenue of innovation and ingenuity needs to be explored to make sure that the optimal result may be achieved at minimum cost. A laparoscopic surgery workshop was held recently by India laparoscopy surgery site where five patients were operated for affordable laparoscopy surgery in India.

Many eminent surgeons from India attended the workshop. Advanced laparoscopic surgeries like IPOM, TAPP and Mini lap cholecystectomy were done one-by one on the patients. The second session of workshop started in the afternoon which was including talks on pelvic floor surgery and low cost laparoscopic surgery in India. Best laparoscopic surgeon in India offers a specialty OPD for laparoscopic surgery for weight loss, Gastrointestinal, pancreas, colon cancer, gallbladder and reflux. Advanced laparoscopy is an open surgery in which an incision is made within the skin of the abdomen. The incision can be up to many inches in length, but is typically no more than a half of an inch. Advanced laparoscopic surgical treatment is also known as minimally invasive surgical operation.

“We started performing Laparoscopic or minimal access surgery for removal of the gallbladder stones in India 2 decades earlier and it is now the gold standard method for less pain, less scars and quicker return to normal activity. Of late there were outstanding advances within the techniques and advances, widening the scope of laparoscopic surgical treatment to a large number of stomach conditions that is properly received by the residents of India. In India alone we have operated laparoscopically on over 3000 patients in closing 2 a long time. Single incision surgical treatment offers very satisfying cosmetic outcomes. However, it requires unique instruments, skills and training.” says best laparoscopic surgeon in India.

Single incision laparoscopic surgical procedure is a sophisticated approach for much less pain as traditional laparoscopic surgical operation requires four cuts in the tummy, in single incision laparoscopic surgical treatment one a small 1 cm cut is made which leads appreciably less pain. In conventional laparoscopic surgical treatment, metallic clips are used which remain inside the tummy and which creates interference with the CT test or MRI if it is required later. Whereas in single incision technique, no metal clips are used. “We specialise in affordable laparoscopy surgery in India and have a strict protocol for these surgeries to make certain high safety with incredible good long-time period consequences. All the best laparoscopic surgeon in India have 15+ years of experience in weight loss surgical treatment and have operated patients with a weight of up to 240 kgs safely” said best laparoscopic surgeon in India.

Ensuring patients have access to the latest surgical advancements is a key part of the workshop held by India laparoscopy surgery site by always searching for technologies that help physicians deliver better outcomes and improve safety wherever possible. Best laparoscopic surgeon in India’s philosophy – to deliver high-impact, high-value devices – aligns soundly by low cost laparoscopic surgery in India, by striving to put these types of technologies to work for patients.

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