Melbourne is a very cosmopolitan and lively city and that is why millions of tourists flock this place for fun and business. This is one place where you can just be, who you are and no one will interfere with you. If you are looking for a short term stay, say over six months and less than a year, or slightly a bit more, getting hold of Melbourne short term apartments would be the best thing to do. But if you are travelling to not only Melbourne, but to Perth as well, there are many options ranging from hotels and motels to budgeted Perth short stay apartments as well for you to take a look at.


When you need accommodation facilities, both cities wouldn’t leave you disappointed at all. Within the city and in the suburbs, you would find a wide choice of Perth short stay apartments to choose and stay in, irrespective of what your budget maybe, there are apartments to suit every lifestyle and taste. You could book serviced apartments, penthouses or even luxurious homes to stay in and all of them within your budget too.


Apart from that, in Melbourne, you would find a wide range of mini mansions, guest houses and even rooms large enough for families to stay in. The architecture and infrastructure itself is so awesome that at the end of the stay, you would feel sorry for leaving this place. And yes, every single comfort and amenity would be provided to you. The aptitude of each Melbourne short term apartments would be mind-blowing and inviting at the same time.

Never would you feel the pangs of missing your own cozy homes, when you stay in one of these beautiful villas.

Be it Melbourne or Perth, the apartments come fully furnished with a spacious and large space to make you feel happy. With the best modes to connect with, transportation and other facilities like market, church etc. Some of the best places to visit for Melbourne short term apartments would be the following:


1.            Armadale

2.            Port Melbourne

3.            St Kilda

4.            Elwood

5.            Elsternwick

6.            Prahan

7.            Brighton and

8.            Caulfield

Just like the Melbourne apartments, you would find facilities such as:

1.            Gourmet kitchens

2.            Large bathrooms

3.            Verandas

4.            Internet connectivity

5.            Transportation

6.            24 hours cleaning services

7.            Round the clock security

8.            Gymnasium

9.            Swimming pools

10.          Airport transfer services, etc  at the Perth short stay apartments


We would advice that you check ahead to plan your trip, since both of these cities have a huge demand and sometimes it happens on a first come first serve basis. We would ask you to keep an eye on the dealers, who know the best Perth short stay apartments for your stay in the city. And if you need help finding affordable, yet luxurious staying options in Melbourne, check now and make your plans accordingly, so that the Melbourne short stay apartments are booked for you. These short stay apartments are in no way less comfortable than your own home, so in short ‘It’s a home away from home’.

All you need to do is to click on the links for Melbourne short term apartments or Perth short stay apartments.