12, July 2016: As the world-famous and high yield brand manufacturer, Airwheel also ensures its diversification for its production line and each production to fit the demand of market and users based on the high yield. In this article, Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 and e-bike S8 are mainly introduced.

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Airwheel, a senior brand with sufficient existence in this industry, maintains long-term development of diversified and high-efficient new products and continues to create innovations for leading the industry to go on a righteous path with more practical, green and comfortable products. This point can be seen from the two typical equipment of Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet and S8 e-bike.


Speaking of the different places from common two-wheeled electric scooters, S8 sitting-posture electric scooter can be driven by two riding postures. Riders can choose their favorite and suitable posture during riding and can realize the free switch without any auxiliary tools. When riders feel a little tired for being standing, they can sit down while when they feel boring for being sitting, they can stand up for seeking more sports sense. So we say S8 is a very casual and free riding vehicle.

To ensure the comfortable riding experience, S8 electric walkcar is designed with an adjustable control lever. The 50mm adjustable space can help riders to raise or lower the height of the control lever. Besides, the control lever has a better-looking due to the arc shape design. Meanwhile the operation during steering also becomes more simple and flexible.


C5 intelligent helmet is the combination of safety and fun which is applied for fixing various little problems during riding and security matters. As an intelligent helmet, C5 not only can prevent heads from damage in emergency accidents to the large extent, but also is capable of answering phone calls with one key and playing music etc. And most interesting thing should be the photo shooting function. Mounted with the high-definition sports camera, C5 can liberate hands for taking pictures during riding or doing Extreme sports. Furthermore, with the built-in WiFi module, C5 can let riders to share their experience with friends by connecting the network hotpot.


All of them are the welfares for fans of intelligent vehicles and equipment. It is really a riding feast.

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