Los Angeles, CA Raise your spirits, get your costumes ready and carve pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, and fill up the party punch bowls. Halloween is fun, fun for everyone and no monster bash is complete without good music. Usually that means 2-3 replays of the old 1962 classic “Monster Mash.” That’s okay for some. But HalloweenMusicLives.com knows that the best Halloween party starts with new Halloween music remixed with an irresistible beat and a groove party-goers can dance to. 

HalloweenMusicLives.com was founded by Paul Ramos in 2010 along with his team of DJ’s and Mixers. Their passion and goal was to redefine what we know as classic Halloween Music. ”Most Halloween music is old and worn out, the world needs a source for Dance-able Halloween Music,” says Ramos. The positive reaction to their music was instantaneous; attracting thousands of YouTube views and downloads. A new music genre was reborn…or maybe undead, in this case. 

HalloweenMusicLives.com, a prominent source for quality Halloween danceable music takes their work seriously and is in continuous search to find new songs. 

“There are too many sources of Halloween music that fail to capture the spirit of the 31st night with campy sound effects and stale choir chamber,” says DJ Hal. 

HalloweenMusicLives.com is here to change all that. Just as music stars have updated the Christmas Classics, these talented DJs and singers will be introducing a whole new way to dance in the spirit Halloween. The team started with the remix of THE MONSTER MASH in 2010 which got great response and hence the birth of a powerful portal that we know now as HalloweenMusicLives.com. 

HalloweenMusicLives.com is all ready to give a fresh twist to Halloween music with their release of a new album, which is going to be launched in 2014. The drop will include these electrifying remixes sure to start the party: 

- Monster Mash REMIXED 2014 (celebrity DJ on board):
- Orignal Remix circa 2010
- Vampire Blues Remixed
- Mozzie the Dead (or monster)
- Monsters Brew (it will kill u)
- My house is Haunted
- Season of the witch (remixed) approval pending
- Vampire Curse the two step
- Black Death (da house)
- Rock upon the mic ( on the 31st night) and few more titles that will be the part of this.

This year they are releasing “Mozzie the Dead” to give a taste of what is in store for 2014. You can visit the site here and find artists and songs that were reviewed by the team in HalloweenMusicLives.com. “The ultimate goal,” says Ramos, “is to build a slamming festival dedicated to Halloween in all the spirit of the holiday…. including slamming the best Halloween Dance music till the dawn. 

About HalloweenMusicLives.com 

Halloween Music Lives is dedicated to providing danceable music for the month of October when all the ghouls, goblins, vampires, monsters and the living dead throw Halloween parties. HML encompass all aspects of music from Hip Hop to Country to World music. Their parent company “Disciple Brothers Media is a Music Publishing Business, focused on niche markets, providing production scores and original music distribution. 

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