August 16, 2014: has been designed as a web-based tutoring platform, where students can get connected with the tutors of a particular subject to clear their doubts and discuss their problems. Unlike other tutoring services, believes in offering one-to-one online tutoring sessions to the students between 7 and 16 years age. The idea is to provide young learners with the necessary knowledge and information that can build their foundation for further learning and education. 

Aindrilla Chakrabarti, who is a Math tutor, speaks about her tutoring experience, “Many times children fail to grasp the lessons in a classroom environment. We focus on providing them with personal tutoring and help them learn the mathematical concepts and how they will use them to solve problems.” This kind of tutoring session helps a student to get a clear understanding of complex mathematical concepts and theorems. Moreover, it attempts to simplify the mathematics for the young learners. 

In order to get connected with a professional tutor, a child needs to have a computer system with an internet connection. Using a web browser, the child can access a virtual whiteboard space to write or share his/her problem. The teacher then can offer solutions and explanations who is available for the student’s help. In this manner, students can take advantage of the knowledge and guidance of a teacher or instructor who guides them through this online platform. is an affordable tutoring platform, as it offers on-demand tutoring services. One can book a lesson as per the learning requirement. Students can select their age group and subject and can book a lesson for an online learning session. If one needs help from a science tutor, the website allows to get connected with a science teacher to discuss problems and share doubts. They have experienced and qualified tutors for all subjects who all love to teach and guide young learners in a loving and friendly manner. 

So, one needs to have a session with an English tutor or tutors of any other subject, they can have a complete freedom of choosing subjects and respective teachers for their learning. One can learn more about this web-based tutoring platform by visiting the website 

About has been created to provide an affordable online tutoring service for students aged between 7 to 16 years. The website connects students with tutors for Mathematics, Science and English subjects. With the help of a state of the art interactive whiteboard with real time audio, the website enables tutors to offer a rich learning experience for the children. Students can share their doubts and can discuss their problems with the expert specially picked tutors. 

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