12, May 2016: A new automotive parts search engine that was named Mypafway is now featured as a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This project was published and introduced by Michael Lyons. This is the online store locator that specializes in comparison shopping dedicated for car parts as well as accessories.

Michael Lyons introduced MYPAFWAY with a goal which is to guarantee the competitiveness of the entire car parts industry so the consumers will have the option of product, attain quality car parts at good prices. Through the use of this website, they know that they will not just be able to help the car parts industry but it will also assist to redraw the whole industry’s structure in the way which spurs enormous development through permitting the companies to promote and provide product information in a manner that was never commercially viable in the past.

Their website will be the one to facilitate the process of purchasing and selling car parts online. The Committee for Economic Development recommended that the development & testing of the newly launched commercial models for the delivery of high quality, creative content must be given utmost priority by the whole content industry. MYPAFWAY will be providing two different search applications which are the search engine & comparison shopping engine. Through that way, their consumers will be able to conveniently locate many different items from a limitless number of sellers simultaneously. MYPAFWAY is the new online store locater through Google Earth, which will let users have the ability to locate different car parts and accessories. MYPAFWAY is also working as an application that specializes in comparative shopping and purchase for car parts and other important automotive accessories available. This will also be the new application which will enable all the companies in marketing their car parts and their other products within this new search engine. This will be providing instant access to collaboration and information. MYPAFWAY is specifically designed to ease the stress between the buyers and the sellers and also make outlets for all entrepreneurs and businesses.

MYPAFWAY is currently featured on Kickstarter through this link: http://1bmc.org/mypafway. This crowdfunding project is now open for those who want to support the success of it. Donations of any amount will be accepted.

To know more about MYPAFWAY, please do not hesitate to visit http://1bmc.org/mypafway .

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