12, March 2016: Now it is getting warmer and warmer, so spring outing becomes hot and popular. People prefer to spend their weekend time to visit parks, tourist spots or somewhere away from the city noises. Parks near your home are good places to relax and enjoy the sunshine. But in this occasion, people must have been there for many times and there will be less fun. So the places which are a little far from home or a comparatively remote location are welcomed.


When people choose remote locations, it is recommended to take Airwheel Z3 electric motor. The combination of Z3 electric motor with cars, buses or subways is the smartest choice.

Z3 can be placed in the trunk of cars or can be hold in hand. Z3 two wheeled electric scooter, weighs only 11.8kg but can load maximum 100kg. It owes to the body material-senior aviation aluminum alloy which is very light and tough. Besides, the folding system is also of importance for Z3. Based on this character, riders can fold it into a mini gadget. After folding the pedals, operating arm and the connection part between the front wheels and the pedals, Z3’s shape is changed and is easy to carry and park.


Users always prepare several sets of batteries before going out in case the long road costs too much power. Since the battery of Z3 electric scooter is designed to be replaceable, it only takes several seconds to change the battery. Moreover, the up-installed battery design leaves out many troubles when meeting bad weather condition.

Except the convenience, Z3 intelligent electric scooter has installed with wireless Bluetooth device. Each riding data shown on the APP can be seen clearly. Meanwhile it looks very fashionable. Its functions and real application can meet users’ needs.

Whether it is to ride Z3 in the street or carry it in the bus or subway, it will be a fantastic experience.

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