While the website maintains their strict confidentiality, multiple Saphrina members confirm a celeb hookup.

NATIONWIDE, May, 2016—Saphrina.com is a global dating website, who caters to married or other committed adults who are searching for an extramarital affair. Unlike websites that cater to those in an “open” relationship, Saphrina is designed to be a place where two consenting adults can come to have affair with others who have agreed to be discreet.

While discretion is the key to Saphrina’s success, rumours within the Saphrina affair community have confirmed that an “A-list” Hollywood celebrity is not only a member—but an active and engaged member. Sources say that this goes beyond posting a celeb photo, but to multiple confirmed dates. In fact, as with many members on the site, the celeb uses a photo that is a bit ambiguous.

A member of the Saphrina community has confirmed participating in an extramarital affair with a Hollywood celebrity, but won't divulge precisely who it is. Obviously, the Saphrina affair community seems to hold strong in their commitment to discretion—but clearly not to fidelity.

When asked about the possibility of a Hollywood celebrity, Saphrina spokesperson declined to comment—other than stating that “Saphrina is the place to go if you want to have an affair. We guarantee privacy and discretion to each of our members.”

Saphrina’s moto is plain and simple “I want to have an affair.” They cater specifically to cheaters, who are married or in other committed relationships. The encounters are most often casual, but sometimes lead to long-standing affairs and hookups.

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