16, May 2016: No one can do better than Airwheel when it comes to the intelligent self-balancing electric scooter. With years of accumulation and efforts, Airwheel has already become the expert in designing intelligent electric scooters. Synthesizing each real demand of consumers, Airwheel design team insists to break bottlenecks and overcome technical problems for seeking more practical and convenient products.

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The sitting riding posture owned by A3, S6 and S8, folding system reflected in Z3 and Z5, infinite endurance and intelligent APP function greatly facilitate users’ daily riding. Sure, Airwheel won’t limit its ability in these aspects. The intelligent auxiliary devices, helmet C3/C5 with the ability of picking up phone calls automatically represents the wideness of Airwheel’s business. Except the common two wheel or single wheel scooters, the four wheels electric skateboard M3 stands out.


The most important feature for M3 wireless remote control hoverboard is the 2.4G handhold wireless remote control device. The small size control device gathers wisdom and high technology. Accelerating or decelerating, steering directions can be achieved through the device. This kind of mode comparatively lowers the difficulty for learning the skateboard. It makes it possible that skateboards can be widely applied.

If we say everybody can try to ride this motorized skateboard, the premise is the safety level of M3 skateboard. Riders can be set at ease by the following points. M3 adopts the modular design. The riding won’t be affected even one of the module fails to work since the two backups are working independently with each other; the PU material damper mass mounted on the wheels has stronger sense of control to respond to the bumpy roads so the gliding becomes safer and more smooth.


M3 electric air board doesn’t follow the conventional path. The DIY feature on deck decoration fully shows the personality. The color, ornamental pattern or words can be decorated as you wish. Such a low learn ability skateboard deserves attention.

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