The learning process in an individual’s life starts right from the word 'go'. As soon as a child is born, he understands the fact that he should start crying when he's hungry or should start moving his head sideways when he's had his fill. Certainly, some habits are hardwired into the human brain. Apart from the habits that we are born with, there are a large number of habits we acquire from our surroundings.

 Why is it that on being depressed some feel the urge to eat, while others to smoke? Or why do you think that a woman wearing a short dress makes some to get disgusted while makes others to turn their heads 180 degrees? The answer is that just as a LEOPARD CAN NEVER CHANGE THE SPOTS ON ITS BODY, and A DOG’S TAIL CAN NEVER BE STRAIGHTENED, no matter how much we try, much the same way, a person can never get rid of the habits that he's made to be a part of his lifestyle.

 We all have observed, or rather experienced a phase of life when elders or other well-wishers used to stop us from doing' little'-little' things. They took the utmost care that we don't get involved into any activities which might spoil us. But as we grow up, these restrictions slowly and steadily gave way to freedom.

 Why do you think that there were 'n' number of restrictions imposed on us in our childhood days, but not many as we grew up? There is a reason behind it. As a leopard cub is born, it has the faint spots on its baby fur, but gradually these spots become prominent and they make a clear pattern which can never be changed through its life span. The lesson that can be learnt here is that the qualities or habits which we develop at a tender age remain with us for the rest of our lives. We cannot get rid of them no matter how much we try to.

 We are similar to an un-moulded creation during our childhood. Our parents try to develop some qualities in us during these days while keeping us away from the others, much the same way as a sculptor tries chiselling down a piece of rock in order to accentuate it some places, while smoothen at the others.

Diamonds too are a part of soil and mud until they are identified and cut to brighten away with their shine. We too are like an uncut diamond in our childhood. Our cuts are determined by the surroundings that we live in. So always make best use of your surroundings and set the world bedazzled by your glory and "koh-i-noor" like sparkle.