Miami, February 20. 2016- A.J.U. Products, a business based in Florida, has recently released a new knee brace. The Knee brace, which ships into the country, is already receiving positive reviews.  A.J.U. Products has also made available a wealth of information on the importance of the right kind of knee brace for those involved in sports and for people with knee pain that would like to feel more support and lead their normal life.

"Knee pain can be very debilitating and can have an enormously negative effect on someone's quality of life," says Ryan Bruce, a customer. "People with knee problems find it tough to engage in their day to day activities. Here at A.J.U Products, we´ve created a comfortable brace that is easy to put on and wear under or over your clothes. The brace has non slip adjustable straps making it a one size fits almost all. Our new knee brace, makes it possible for people to once again participate safely in physical activities." says Joyce Bournigal, media relation.

This particular A.J.U. Product knee brace has been designed to provide both support and compression. It has dual stabilizers embedded on either side of the knee cap, protecting them from strain and pain during workouts. A lot of people who purchased it have positively reviewed the Knee brace. "Most knee braces just plain suck," says Michael Smith, who is involved in yoga and snowboarding. "These are awesome. High quality & they work."

“I Purchased the A.J.U. Product knee brace and have used it for two weeks," says John, another customer who has benefited immensely from the use of the product. "My Knees do not have the pain that I used to have and feels much better when running compared to other knee supports I have used." The brace has been designed to be used for everyday people, but particularly for those who are involved in sports that have a high impact on the knee joint. These include hikers, climbers, tennis players, runners, walkers, those who practice yoga and those who stand for long periods of time.

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A.J.U. Products believes in living life to the full, and not letting knee pain get in the way of an active lifestyle. They supply a product which enables customers to overcome limiting health issues. For more information about A.J.U. Products, visit:

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