(Free Press Release) Badge clips are found to be better than lanyards because of many reasons, the most important being the ability of badge clips to fix the badges on any part of the garment so desired by the user while with lanyards the ID card can be worn round the neck only .
Now, scores of designs and materials are used to make different kinds of badge clips. The materials used are usually plastic or metal with a chrome finish. For more durable badge clips, stainless steel is the preferred material. The more simple versions of badge holders can be just safety-pins that are attached to the plastic badge holder. The safety pin can be pinned anywhere to make the ID card visible to the security personnel and serve the purpose very cheaply. There are also some badge clips that have a swivel motion and the ID card holders attached to these can be turned a full 360 degrees for proper scrutiny when these badge clips are used. Some badge clips hold more than just the ID card, some small objects like a pen or a key can also be attached to the badge holder.

The quality and cost of the badge clips depends completely upon the how long the ID card is going to be used. If the ID card has to be worn only once for a conference or a meeting or for entrance into a trade fair or organization‘s office, the badge clips need not be very durable and expensive. But if the ID cards have to be worn everyday on the pockets for the entire time the employees are in the office or factory, the badge clips have to be long lasting and could be expensive.

Most badge clips that have to be used everyday are made of good quality stainless steel and have small pincer shaped holders with teeth on them. Some however can be made of plastic as well, while others are made of iron with a plating of chrome. The arms of the pincers are kept in a closed position by means of a spring. The arms are opened when the holders of the badge clips are pressed and you can affix the badge on the pocket or lapel by releasing the holder after the fabric is well in the grasp of the pincer arms. This will keep the ID card securely in place and it will not fall off or get lost unless specifically removed by the user.

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