25, May 2016: My Z3 2 wheels scooter was bought from Airwheel last year. Since I have this gizmo, my families bid farewell to the traffic congestion and they are never late for school or work. My parents are at their late years of their life now and they can still ride Z3 to walk dogs in a park; my younger brother is a freshman in a famous university and Z3 is his favorite gift till now; I, a white-collar in an international enterprise, am into the electric scooter, Z3 and it is a good companion on my way home.

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Airwheel Z3 is very fashionable and is all the rage on campus and in the streets at a time. As for me, I love the simple riding moments more and this is no secret. Z3 electric hoverboard is my favorite riding companion. When I was a student, I am very interested for riding bikes or other vehicles. Now I have a car. It is convenient for family outings but taking Airwheel Z3 plays out of different feelings.


My Z3 looks like very simple. I personally think that Z3’s special advantage lies in the portability and flexibility comparing to bicycles. Now there are less available parking places than before and also owners have to worry about their bikes not stolen by bad people. But Z3 two wheel electric scooter can pass unimpededly whether is to be taken into the buses or subway carriages, or carried into the shopping stores when it is folded. During your weekend’s self-driving travel, Z3 can also be kept in the car trunk.

Well, the main reason for choosing Z3 electric motor is the design of pedals and the design of battery packages. The anterior standing posture is more comfortable. Normally I won’t feel tired or awkward. The foldable pedals play a key role for providing fantastic riding experience.


In a word, I’m very satisfied with Airwheel Z3.

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