21, July 2016: The fast rhythm of life pushes technology and science to develop rapidly. Thus various online games emerge in an endless stream nowadays. A lot of teenagers choose to play games anesthetizing themselves since they can’t get care and love from their parents. In the meanwhile, Airwheel M3 appears to serve as a distraction.

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Various online games emerge in an endless stream nowadays. A lot of children choose to play games anesthetizing themselves. Don’t take a hands-off approach to deal with it. However, Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard is a good way to save them from it. Surfing has become an important part on the street scene. On the street, skater boys with T-shirts and a pair of skater shoes can be seen everywhere. Many people have their own vision for the skateboard.


For parents, taking a hands-off approach to children addicted to games is incorrect. It is high time that parents took this effective method to save their children who indulged in playing games. Take a typical example that its appearance with a wooden board and 4 tires is the same as the normal skateboard. But it does have difference from the traditional one. The marked difference is that M3 motorized skateboard is powered by electric battery, an environment-friendly protect.


The skill of learning the new skateboard is much easier than the old one thanks to the four tires and 2.4G wireless remote control mounted on Airwheel M3 wireless hoverboard. Many users may feel very nervous if they start out at a high speed. So we have built-in a function that allows users to start as a slower speed and increase the speed as they gain confidence over the time. Within 10m, the skateboard can be controlled to speed up or slow down. By that way, riders can enjoy the fun of variable speeds to realize that everything is in your own hands. Teenagers will transfer the attention from games to the electric skateboard.


As regards towood utilized in the board is made from maple, that can’t be damaged easily based on its fine texture. In a word, Airwheel M3 electric skateboard is a good way to save those teenagers who are addicted to playing games.

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