Sudoku Easy Puzzle book provides both beginners and experienced solvers with fun and challenges when playing with numbers.

A. D. Ardson has recently released Sudoku Easy Puzzle book that is the first in the series of puzzle books that become a part of his puzzle masterworks. The book is designed to be suitable for Sudoku players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Both novice and skilled Sudoku puzzle solvers will find this book an excellent pastime to drill their responsiveness with numbers.

The book contains 400 Sudoku puzzles that are organized based on their level of difficulty. There are 100 puzzles for each level (easy, medium, hard and very hard). Beginners can train their Sudoku puzzle solving skill by working on all available puzzles from start to finish. Advanced players will have to rely on their shrewdness to solve some of the most challenging Sudoku puzzles that the book comprises.

Despite being designed for both beginners and advanced puzzle solvers, this book is first and foremost intended to be used by Sudoku puzzle learners. This is the reason why solutions for all puzzles that the book contains are provided at the end of it. The solutions provide a last-resort way out to puzzle solvers who are stuck when trying to solve certain puzzles in the book. Advanced players will able to use this book by working solely on the puzzles without resorting to using the solutions.

Being one of the most popular pastimes for number crunchers, Sudoku puzzle has attracted many people who love to work on numbers. This book is meant to give them a great activity that they can occupy themselves with and to make their leisure the most exciting one. If this book excites them well, the next volumes in the series are guaranteed to offer the same or even higher level of excitement to them.
About The Author
The author of the book, A. D. Ardson, is an enthusiastic writer and author who has been working in the freelance sector for years. Puzzle, arts, and crafts are three fields he is most interested in. A. D. Ardson is also known as a puzzle creator who has produced numerous puzzles not only for pastime activities but also for invigorating mind training and personal development. Many books with topics of personal development and mind training have his name printed as their author. Besides being a writer and author, A. D. Ardson is also an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer who holds certification as a professional scuba diving instructor.

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