14, July 2016: As the first Z series 2 wheels scooter, Z3 has received compliment from outside. Its omnipotence not only lies in outstanding performance of comfortable, portable and endurance aspects, but also depends on the fact that both male and female riders can enjoy this stunning riding experience.

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The prominent feature of Airwheel Z3 2 wheels scooter is its omnipotence. It has outstanding performance no matter it is about the endurance or the comfortable and portable aspects. At the same time, its all mighty power is reflected in the extensive applicability, that is to say, whether you are a girl or boy, you can control and drive it smoothly and comfortably.


Seen from exterior outlook, Z3 2-wheeled electric scooter has a very harmonious and simple color matching: the main color is white; tires are black; logo is red. This neutral color combination is suitable for riders of different ages and genders. Moreover, it looks slim and it only weighs 11.6kg, including the weight of battery pack. It is light among electric scooters so generally speaking, girls can easily carry it with no problem.


As for the comfortable riding experience, we have to mention its micro innovation design started from the detail experience. And the most important part belongs to the two-side pedals and the replaceable front-mounted battery of Airwheel Z3 electric scooter.

Interlacing standing posture applied in traditional electric scooters leaves us a bad impression. The standing area is too narrow to allow two feet standing in parallel. Given that, Z3 two wheeled electric scooter alters the interlacing standing posture to the foldable pedals. This kind of design conforms to the ergonomics and makes the riding more comfortable. Meanwhile, it won’t impede Z3 to be portable.


The battery pack can be replaced and changed. This is one of the most creditable highlights in many designs for Z3 2 wheels electric scooter. Cylindrical battery pack can be disassembled and changed to another pack with full power. Apart from the above two significant designs, Z3 has another considerate design. Considering the different statures of riders, Z3 has equipped with an adjustable operating arm with three-grade. Riders can freely lower or rise the height for seeking the most comfortable riding posture.

Anyway, all of you can drive Airwheel Z3, an almighty city vehicle.

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