Any person who is looking to buy a dog kennel should focus on the design among other features. As there are many galvanized kennels and cattery manufacturers, there is no reason to purchase a cheap design.  A kennel that will enhance your outdoors is the best. Even if you want to buy catteries and kennels for your business, choose the most attractive structures.


Customers that will bring their cats and dogs to your business premises will be attracted to nice-looking structures first. You must aim to create a good first impression on your customers so that they can come back multiple times and introduce most of their friends to your services. Even if you are looking for a cattery manufacturer who can sell a great item for one or two cats, just aim higher as the structure should enhance your indoor space.


Cats love comfort almost more that dogs do. If you have a cat, you know how it loves your sofa, bed or another comfy place when it wants to sleep. And when the cat is awake and feeling full, it will just sit on a window pane or another high place and chill there quietly. What we are trying to say is that the cattery design picked for your cats should mimic their natural lifestyle. It should offer steps or high points for the cat to climb on and sleep or just sit down relaxingly.


Cats hate living in dirty and smelly places, which is perhaps the reason why they bury their faeces and urine. When a boarding cattery manufacturer is designing a house for cats, they should put ease of cleaning in mind to give cats the kind of environment they love to live in.  It is imperative also that the housing is catchy and attractive because cats tend to choose the most beautiful places for their leisure time.


While dogs are naturally fine sleeping outside, cats tend to live around humans and we obviously like to live in comfort. It is extremely imperative that the housing designed for cats should offer the kind of class that cats like. Size of cat cages is not as important as kennel cage size because cats are small animals. Even if there are big cats, their sizes are not comparable to those of some big dogs.  But this does not mean that your cat wants to feel stuffed in his house.


No, it means that when selecting a cattery you have to leave enough room for the pet to turn around, sit, move, and climb and so on. Cats sleep like little, innocent babies when their houses are warm. So you need to ensure that the pen has heating and lighting devices and that these are fitted in a manner than cats cannot get harmed. We all know how curious cats can be especially when they feel playful or just bored.


They like to try out new activities and that’s why their house needs to be attractive but safe.  Bedding should be perfect, meaning that it should be easy to clean, warm and non-absorbent when it comes to bad odours.  It goes without saying that galvanized kennels and catteries need constant fresh air, which can be created with vents that are fixed on panels.


Our galvanized kennels, are totally attractive and functional. They are designed for different dog breeds and we sell them competitively. We are also a cattery manufacturer, and we keep your cat’s natural lifestyle in mind when design our houses. Feel free to ask us anything.