09, October 2015: Until now, Airwheel Technology has launched four series, X series—intelligent electric unicycle, Q series—twin-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter, S series and A series—two wheel self-balancing electric scooter. Today, the Airwheel editor will give an introduction of X series, the classic one in self-balancing electric scooter. The members in X series include X8, X3, X3 orange limited, X5, X5 Music, X6, X6 Music. Though the X series self-balancing electric unicycles have different characteristics, they have a lot in common.


The main parts of X series include power switch, battery status indicator, the charging socket and the pedal, which can be folded up. As for starting the electric unicycles, the rider should place them on the ground and push the power button. Then indicator will be light with the voice form the buzzer. When the rider pushes the power button, the X series are in the heeling condition, please waiting for them to come back and gain balance. Then riders can begin their journey.


As for charging, please insert the plug of charger after charging hole, and then insert the AC power. Otherwise, the charger will not start. And this can avoid the potential risks, which makes charging more safely. Airwheel X series are equipped with high-power charger. Under normal circumstances, they can be charged fully only for 90 minutes, and about 80% of the battery will be charged for an hour. When the indicator lights are red, it means that it is charging. When it turns to green, it has been fully charged. If there is no urgent need, please take off the charger after being charged completely. The battery protection board will maintain voltage equilibrium in the later charging period.

Airwheel X series have the characteristics of green environmental protection and being foldable. They can be carried on subway and bus with only about 10kg. How can you miss the Airwheel single wheel electric scooter?

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