December 16, 2013


A bottomless pit and an endless trip on this week’s ‘Gravity Falls’


Another day brings another adventure in the lives of  twins Mabel and Dipper at the mysterious ‘Gravity Falls’. Trouble is just another friend for the kids and Grunkle Stan in the strange town as a series of unfortunate events results in Mabel, Dipper, Stan and Soos falling into a bottomless pit. While falling into the seemingly endless ditch and waiting for miraculous rescue, the foursome try to keep themselves entertained by telling each other interesting stories.


So while Dipper tells them about his changed voice, Soos narrates a story about getting trapped in a pinball game with the twins and while Stan recounts a story about changing football players’ that ends with him winning a trophy for his significant contribution, Mabel talks about how she made Stan tell the truth. But the question remains how long can they keep themselves entertained? And more importantly, how do the four manage to get out of the bottomless pit?


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Monday, December 16, 2013 at 6.30 pmonly on Disney Channel


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