A blast from the past!

~ This week the Top 5 recreate epic styles inspired by music genres and make them look glamorous in today’s times ~



Competition is on the rise and the going is certainly getting tougher!Disco, Punk Rock, Glam Rock, Grunge Rock and Hip Hop are not just music genres… they have been a stronginfluence on fashion and hairstyles as well! This week the contestants are in for a big surprise as the mini task is unveiled by none other than the chirpy RJ Archana. With Music as the theme, the contestants need to depict and experiment with the various genres of music giving it a contemporary twist making it relevant in today’s times.


No… it doesn’t end here! Post an incredible display of creativity, nothing less than modern art, the contestants go through an expert session with mentor Rod Anker. As the day comes to an end, the contestants get ready for their elimination challenge that promises to be the toughest one ever!


Repli-cut is the name of the challenge and true to its name the contestants have to replicate the hairstyle provided to them in the form of a sketch! These signature hairstyles are designed by none other than the mentors themselves.


How inspired are the Top 5 by music? Who will best replicate the Repli-cut? Who will get left behind and who will prove to be a cut above the rest?


Catch the drama unfold on Saturday,16thMarch at 9 pm
only on zoOm — India’s No. 1 Bollywood Channel


Repeat Telecast on Sunday, 17thMarch at 10 pm




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