23, April 2016: Carey is a fresh graduate, and he lands a job near his university. Now he works there on probation. To avoid lateness for work and keep high work efficiency, Carey bought an Airwheel Q1 twin-wheeled electric scooter as his commuting tool under his friend’s suggestion. The ultra-wide aluminium pedals and twin wheels on the Airwheel Q1twin-wheeled electric scooter serve a dual purpose: they provide a solid, secure base and better balance for the rider's feet, enabling easy movements, and their high strength construction material is lightweight.


With Airwheel twin-wheeled intelligent scooter Q1, it only takes ten minutes on commute between his dormitory and workplace. There is no concern about lateness for work. Carey, as a graduate, has such merits as hard working and longing to learn new things and skills. With Airwheel Q1, he could arrive at office earlier and do some preparation for the whole day work.

In addition to the time saving feature, riding Airwheel Q1 twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter is also cost-effective. As we know, the graduates are frugal and they are reluctant to spend more money on the transportation. Although the sum is small in the eyes of working people, it means a lot to Carey. The Airwheel is powered by electricity. On a full charge, it can cover merely 20 km. The fee of charging is quite cheap. It can help him save a lot of money.


The Airwheel Q1's reduced size and lightweight compact features make it extremely easy and convenient to carry around by hand, the perfect companion for travellers whose daily commute to work or school also includes a leg on public transport. Carey can lift or carry it by one hand and bring it into his office without any interference with others. Thanks to Airwheel Q1 self-balancing scooter, Carey has passed the probation period successfully.

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