Saint Louis, Missouri, March 1st, 2013 – Mike Officer solidified his music career after attending the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, where he was selected as an honorary performer at the graduation ceremony. He began playing gigs around the L.A. area before opening for the legendary B.B. King. He currently performs in the St. Louis area.

His ability to push the creative envelope and avoid being lampooned into a single genre is just part of what drives Mike Officer’s music. By crafting unique melodies behind a backdrop of thoughtful lyrics, he is able to create a shining example of divergent sound in a time of primarily recycled sounds. His latest release The Jupiter Sessions EP showcases Officer’s powerful voice, and beautifully blends pop, indie, and Americana music into a single entity.

Crafted using Pro Tools, The Jupiter Sessions EP is named for the premier St. Louis studio at which it was recorded. Over the next six months, Mike Officer plans to expand his fan base via independent radio stations and plans to embark on a tour across the Midwest. A name that is sure to show up on a number of independent music sites in the coming months, Officer’s new music is currently available on Bandcamp, iTunes, and other online music outlets.

For more information regarding the unique sound of Mike Officer, check out his Facebook page at .

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