18, March 2016: The twenty first century may not be as innovative as it seems, as virtually half of the population of United States adults admit to ignoring heightened stress levels on a daily basis.

The American Psychologists Association (APA)'s newest findings reveal that 42% of adults do not think they are doing enough to combat increasing stress levels, Natural Products Insider reports.

As the pressure builds for employees in the twenty first century to work harder amidst rising commercial demands, the APA has revealed that stress is not only bad for the working environment, however it is physically damaging to our health too. The Brand Director of Chemi Nutra, Chae Hagerman, specified in a recent interview: "A certain amount of the cortisol released when we are under a great deal of stress is necessary for your body to operate, but an abundance of it, from persistent stress and external factors such as workout exhaustion, is very harmful to you physically and mentally. Stress and anxiety, insomnia, depression, cognitive abilities and physical performance can often suffer."

Nevertheless, although psychological results have actually exposed the risks of the creeping stress levels of the twenty first century, virtually half of the population are not doing anything about it.

Andy Shaw, world-renowned self-development specialist and developer of the extremely successful 'Saltori Thinking System' said of the topic: "All of us know stress is bad for us. Whether you get so stressed you make yourself ill, or so worked up about things that you are left feeling unhappy for days or even weeks at time, a lot of the time we do nothing about it. As a professional psychological specialist, I can reveal that the greatest, simplest alteration any individual can make to their life is just to change their outlook. Stop seeing things as negative, and start seeing things as a challenge that you'll overcome, or see demanding scenarios as a way to better yourself."

Shaw continued to state that whilst difficult situations are in some cases totally inevitable, such as short due dates at work for instance, a more favorable outlook can make all of the difference. Patti Weiland, who resides in Iowa agreed with Andy Shaw, stating: "After taking Shaw's suggestions and embarking on the Saltori system's mental journey, my tension levels have gone way down. I can handle my stress completely now, and I have never ever felt happier. Such a simple lifestyle choice has made such an unbelievable distinction to my life. Anybody suffering from tension, whether chronic or occasionally, should have a look at Shaw's Saltori Thinking System. Believe me, it's the best thing you will ever do."

More information about Shaw's Saltori Thinking system is readily available on Andy Shaw's site, www.saltori.com, where he has also shared a variety of individual advancement tools for brand-new or returning visitors.

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