17, February 2015: According to Amazon, the jumbo toy hammock by Freddie and Sebbie is the perfect storage organizer for parents planning to get rid of kid’s clutter, like furry toy animals or other soft toys. Item information offered says that it has been created in white, to make it match perfectly into any baby room, boys or girls bed room, stating that’s it’s extremely simple to install, and spreads out to 6 feet (1.83 meters) in total. 

Toy Hammock

Recent feedback from Lynn Mason; who has given a 5 star score rating, states it’s a fantastic item, the hammock was extremely easy to put up, while holding lots of little stuffed animals. The most helpful review according to Amazon by Dinosaur Mom states that it takes advantage of a tiny apt bed room. She says… “Love this for our child’s bedroom, as it keeps all the stuffed animals off the floor. Actually super easy to install and holds a ton of furry animals. We kept ours a bit lower, so it would be easy for my five year old to reach his animals.”

Freddie and Sebbie

Beth Myers, another Amazon verified consumer, who likewise gave a maximum 5 star score for the Jumbo toy hammock states… “Nicly made, nylon and elastic toy hammock, which holds about 20 little and 3-5 medium stuffed toys without overruning. It’s a three-point net, so best for corner hanging, which is precisely what I wanted it for. Fully extended, it still has some give so my little girl can pull it down a little and pull out an animal. She’s 4, so she is not tempted to climb in it, however I can see that being an issue for smaller kids. It truly was very simple to set up.” 

Another Amazon verified consumer states the Toy Hammock by Freddie and Sebbie provides for simple and quick storage of furry animals when it comes time to sleep time, who says… “The hammock is attached to the wall in 3 points and the setup was actually easy. The kit consists of 3 hand screw hooks for connecting to the wall; I would recommend for best application, try to put them into studs if you can. If you do not have a stud finder, the included plastic wall anchors ought to offer you respectable stability, specifically considering this net is created for light-weight things. I installed this hammock net in my nieces room, and it’s fantastic for bed time when all the stuffed animals simply won’t fit on the bed too, and the excellent part is that it keeps the clutter up and out of the way.” 

It can likewise be turned into a game says another happy consumer, who states… “If you’re lucky, your kid is young enough to encourage them that tossing their toys up on the hammock is just a game, hence making it so you don’t have to clean up yourself. We all know the reality that though, some children will certainly throw too much on the hammock, others will certainly try to get on it themselves then there are the children that simply expect you to do it for them, such is life.” 

For additional information concerning the brand new deluxe jumbo toy hammock storage organizer, available exclusively via Amzon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Toy-Hammock-Organizer-Eliminate-Perfectly/dp/B00KS4CHTA/ 

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