Tampa, Florida, March 8th, 2016: Although still teenagers, sibling singer/songwriters Coleton (19) and Logen (16) appear as though they have been a staple in modern music for quite some time. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the multi-talented brothers have brought lyrically meaningful, genre-bending R&B and hip hop to a wide audience of listeners both in Tampa, and nationwide. Discovered by the Disney channel in 2011 on a showcase called The Event, the young musicians draw from personal experience and interpersonal relationships to create meaningful music that virtually any listener can relate to.

After receiving exposure from The Event, 3dimensional received numerous callbacks for television shows, commercial opportunities, and films. However, older brother Coleton decided to shelve the offers to pursue his other passion, high school basketball. 3Dimensional really began to pick up steam when they were discovered by producer Bryan Tyson of Deep Productions in 2015. It was then that the brothers began recording their debut album, Netflicks & Chill, a title based on a popular internet meme. The brothers were a perfect fit with Tyson, who had the experience to set 3Dimensional on promising career path and harness the brothers' love for entertaining.

Recorded using Pro Tools Netflicks & Chill is a modern take on soulful R&B and rap, providing listeners with meaningful, poignant messages backed by infectious dance melodies. Over the next six months, the boys hope that their hectic personal lives will sync up with their artistic endeavors in order to work on marketing and promoting their music on mainstream radio. For more information about 3Dimensional, visit their official site http://www.3dimensionalmusicgroup.com, where the group is also available for booking.

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