If you are on a tight budget, you should consider implementing some of these methods in order to save some money.

1. Buy in bulk
Many retailers are granting huge discounts if you buy bigger ammount of products at the same time.
Consider buying stuff in bulk and stack them up.This way you can save up to 50% in total which will have an huge impact on yearly basis.
Wallmart is a great example.

2. Use discount codes
Discount codes are all over the internet and you can really use them in order to save some money.
There are many coupons for everything you need - bikes,pc,food,cosmetics...

Here are few examples depending on which region you live in:

USA - retailmenot.com
West Europe - groupon.com
East Europe - SVI POPUSTI(http://www.superpopusti.rs/)
you can check even more by looking up google with a keyword : coupons

3.Wait for an seasonal discount
If you are looking to buy a product which price is fluctuating over the year, you should consider buying it at the time
when its the cheapest. For example airconditioners are much cheaper in winter then in summer.