GLASGOW - Only a few names in the business of courier services UK can boast of what McLellans Transport Company has achieved. Situated in the busy city of Glasgow, McLellans Transport Company is a UK based company which helps in rendering end to end local as well as global services.

Every day hundreds of packages are sent and received but, no matter how accomplished a company is in this regard, there are errors bound to happen that may result in loss of package while transit. McLellans Transport Company is more a logistics company than a courier company and is therefore, in a better position to understand how the system works and how certain kinks in the order can be straightened.

This is one of the many reasons why this company is probably one among the chosen few in courier services UK which can claim to offer same day delivery services. McLellans Transport Company has been in the business for 25 years now and has used the experience and expertise gathered in the past to give its customers a host of advanced and reliable courier services which include parcel delivery worldwide. The company has over the past two decades put together a system that can handle requests of any magnitude and any demand.

In a recent interview on the eve of 25 years of staying strong in the business, one of the representatives was ecstatic to comment, “Our company specializes in bridging the gap between the large and small global clients and has remained independent and in the forefront of the logistics and freight forwarding industry allowing us to successfully compete with global organizations”.

Local service provides in courier services UK usually stick to orders within the city but, McLellans Transport Company in addition to handling international orders is also well equipped to take requests from in and around the country. Some of the major traffic of orders comes from UK and Scotland.

Requests for bulk item deliveries are more often than not entertained given the effort involved in cost in terms of ensuring every aspect of the delivery chain is maintained. Not many companies are willing to risk their credibility with bulk order items since this involves a lot of planning and meticulous management. McLellans Transport Company is different from other similar providers because it has what customers claim the right setup in place to handle heavy items and materials.

These items can be delivered anywhere within the UK and also, in many parts of Europe. And, as fast as costs of such deliveries goes, the company has earned the reputation of maintaining a competitive rate system. This system offers the best rates in the market based on the size and other specs of the item. Departure schedules are set for customer’s convenience and tracking of orders is also made possible with simple to look up options on the website.

Courier services UK are dime a dozen and, what makes McLellans Transport Company special is the dedication and the attention to detail that goes into making sure every single request is given due importance and that the customer is satisfied with the experience without any compromise on quality.

The company handles the whole nine yards of delivery management and is soon to become the most preferred choice in UK. 25 glorious years to boast goes to provide the apt testament to this fact. To get a quote, log onto

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