Leading Trainer SagiKalev, after creating the Body Beast program, reportedly helped individuals to achieve workout goals with the right tools, guidance and discipline. The program gained popularity after making it known to the public that it offered much more than fitness.

It won over customers after publicly taking every day exercise a step further. Most of its clients have been determined individuals struggling to get the ultimate sculpted body mass. The focus of the program circles around provision of quality muscles without artificial aid. The recently launched 2015 program is based on collective fitness perceptions.

The present year’s target has been said to be all about offering details on the right supplements and nutrition for each body type to reach the desired target. Most reviews received on the latest service so far has been all about the complete package and the aid in the  determination to follow the program. In a recent  press release, trainer SagiKalev has stated that thesupreme 90 day workoutprogram’s target for 2015 is all about giving equal importance to both the workout regime as well as the nutritional needs of each of its clients.


The 6 days of intense workout per week and 12 sets of exercises, the 90 days program has been divided into 3 well planned phases for more detailing. Most customers have talked about the difficulty in the first phase. The company has admitted to the claims and have cleared the air by making a public statement that the reason behind its difficulty is because it is the foundation phase. The phased out approach has received a lot of appreciation not just from satisfied customers but also from the industry for its gradual building up of quality muscles and eventually culminate to a well sculpted body. The company has also reported of a possible addition to the program for more effective results. For more information please go to http://www.beastmods.com/what-is-it/what-is-body-beast/

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