10  days ‘Sant Samagam’ event 01.10.2016 to10.10.2016 at Orchha Dham distt. Tikamgarh (M.P.)

'Sinhasth' was recently organised next to Kshipra, a river in Ujjain. At this holy gathering, renown saints and holy persons from the country and all over the world gathered with the devotees who were at Ujjain. Those who could not be present for the religious occasion were involved through chants and prayers. Several people from Bundelkhand were also not able to attend the event and thus a rally is being organised in Orchha to fill the surroundings with resonating chants in worship of King Ram and mother Pitambara.

The motive for this religious event happening in Orchha is influenced by the natural calamities happening in the area. The saints are expected to gather and pray for the wellbeing of the area. It is believed that since the earth at Bundelkhand is not yet been prayed upon by the saints, it remains detached from nature.

On the occasion of Navratri and Pukha Nakshatra (1 to 10 October), on the banks of Betwa River of Raja Ram’s earth: held in a natural environment in Orchha the event of Sant Samagam is being planed to involve everyday activities like seminars, Kanya Puja (Girl worship), knowledge of yoga, Rama Katha, Bhandara (Offered twice a day): showcase of religious movies, local bazaars, local talents of Madhya Pradesh, as well as several other cultural activities.

The motive of the ‘Sant Samagam’ is to spread religious messages and create a cultural environment through the saints gathering during the course of 9 days of Navratri.

We kindly request your active participation in the 'Sant Samagam'. During this auspicious occasion of Navaratri, we would like if you could come on any one of the nine days and shower your blessings on your religious followers. In this ceremony, nine 'Maha Mandelshwars’ along with saints and teachers will be present. The inauguration of this ceremony will be done by 'Vishal Kalashyatra'. On this occasion, besides Madhya Pradesh's Chief Minister Shri Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan, and other ministers, politicians, Shri Raj Nath Singh, Shri Narendra Tommar and Mr. Mahesh Sharma have given their word that they will be attending the event.

With this in mind, we hope that you will surely grace us with your presence and with your words of wisdom to guide us towards spirituality.

Yours Truly,
Atul Malikram - pitch perfect @ 9755020247