´Credit Collection & Recovery Techniques/ Debt Collection Training‘
In Dubai, UAE, Middle East

Collection Skills.com‘ has just announced a Special Training:
´Credit Collection & Recovery Techniques/ Debt Collection Training‘
exclusively for the UAE, Middle East Market. ´
´Collection Skills‘ as the name says, specializes in this field, and are the only ones in this part of the world to be listed in the ´Collections & Credit Risk Magazine‘-USA, under ´Who‘s Who in Training‘ & ranked as No.1 on most top search engines!!
As we celebrate our entry into the 8th year, we are offering a very special discount of 25% (never before-never again!) on this program. This offer will be valid only till the 31st of August 2009.

Right now, with cash tight and business slowing down, companies need to go after the bad debts as a way to raise needed cash. They need to go after the receivables even it if means getting just something now!
Like all significant economic change, it creates opportunities for those who have it in them to deal with it. During economic downturns, one of the main reasons why businesses go under is because they run out of cash. However sound your business is in other ways, successful Cash Flow Management should be your main priority.

A recent study on the growing sicknesses in industries and businesses reveal that BAD DEBT is the one major cause for bankruptcy. In a buoyant economy, selling on credit has a number of advantages, especially when it generates a larger volume of business as well as widens one's market share. In fact, selling on credit often 'Makes' or 'Breaks' a sale and at most times gives one that edge over competition. Yet, one cannot afford to take this area of credit control lightly, as too many companies everyday are mounting with debts that are increasingly doubtful of recovery.
Before a customer buys goods both are interested - he in your goods and you in his money, but once he gets the goods he is no more interested. It's only you (for your money!).
A company can have the finest product, a superb sales record and the most dedicated workforce, but if it does not get paid (.... and on time!) it will die. An unpaid debt is a loan being financed by your company - it means that many companies are prevented from achieving their full potential, because instead of using borrowed money to develop and grow their businesses, they are having to borrow money just to fund their own sales ledgers - with the most precarious risk to a company's profit on the sale being the interest expense from non-payment on time.

Managing Credit and Collecting money therefore are the 2 most important and vital factors which decide the fate of any business.

´Collection Skills‘ program on ´Professional Training Skills for the Prevention & Collection of Bad Debt‘, covers the details on Credit & Cash Flow Management right from how bad debt occurs with methods to prevent the same (the most important part!), through the steps of an effective collection call (both on phone & face to face) with emphasis on the importance of documentation/procedures for systematic follow-up; including series of letters and general tips for chasing your money too (by encouraging proactive methods!).
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At the end of the program participants would have learnt to manage credit, using planned preventive measures (the most vital part!), would have learnt to develop a complete systematic collection program, gained confidence in collecting money and have acquired several new ideas for immediate use, including taking back an Action Plan.
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